Nighttime habits for acne-free skin

Nighttime habits for acne-free skin

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As we have mentioned in other of our posts, during the night your skin goes through various processes of renewal, recovery and absorption of nutrients. In addition, it is necessary that you hydrate your skin deeply so that it wakes up more beautiful and smoother. Now, to achieve blemish-free, acne-free skin, there are several things you can do.

Among those, is adding various habits to your beauty routine so that you can see how the appearance of your skin improves.

Yes, just by changing a couple of things in your routine, you can reduce and control the problems of the skin on your face. The six habits that make a difference in your face, we explain them below.

#1 Do your double cleaning

Whether you have made up or not, you should do a double cleaning on your face, this due to the contamination and dirt that has accumulated on your skin.

First, use micellar water or an oil-based makeup remover, followed by a water-based cleanser. Make sure that when you remove your make-up, you don’t rub your skin too hard and when you apply the cleanser, make sure it is gentle.

You just have to massage in circles for the products to take effect and cleanse your face without hurting your skin.

#2 Be careful with exfoliation

Exfoliation is wonderful. Exfoliating your face allows the renewal of the skin and the appearance of new cells. Use a gentle scrub on your skin, chemical scrubs are a good option and are very effective without the need to exert too much pressure when using them.

On the contrary, its assets do their job perfectly if you apply it delicately. In addition, it is enough that you exfoliate your face one to two times a week, so you will not over exfoliate your skin and you will not irritate it.

Remember that the next morning, the sun cannot touch your face at all with the scrub on, so as soon as you wake up, clean your face, apply your skincare products and one more than mandatory step is your sunscreen.

If it is normally mandatory to use sunscreen, after an exfoliation it is life or death, this because with the exfoliator you are removing dead cells from your face and you are exposing new and more sensitive cells.

#3 Use an essence or facial serum

For the needs of your skin, it is important that you use an essence or a serum with specific active ingredients to treat the needs of your skin.

For example, to reduce or control acne spots and marks there are active ingredients such as azelaic acid, arbutin, niacinamide or glycolic acid.

For your products, make sure that the ingredients focus on reducing blemishes, which will even out your skin tone.

#4 Pamper your skin with masks

If you want to show off juicy, luminous and radiant skin, you can use moisturizing masks with active ingredients that will bring out the best in your skin and reduce the stains that you may have on your face.

#5 Apply a cream that seals your hydration

The hydration that you have given to your skin in the steps of your routine, you must seal with a moisturizing cream. With it you will trap the hydration that your skin has and when you wake up, it will look smooth, juicy and renewed.

#6 Don’t forget your restful sleep

This habit is not only good for your skin, it is good for your entire body and for your mental health. Once you get enough sleep, you are literally having a good night’s sleep.

When you start a sleep routine, the quality of your sleep increases, which makes you look more rested and lively the next morning because your dark circles and dull skin tone will be minimized.