Your own Shopify marketing agency

Your own Shopify marketing agency

Creating a marketing agency or advertising independently can be achieved with Shopify. Get your own Shopify marketing agency in the fastest and easiest way you can ever have. Using steps, strategies, resources and tools that Shopify provides, making your move to ecommerce easier and more efficient.

Shopify It allows you to venture into electronic stores, the use of online tools to know how to promote your store on Shopify and the resources necessary to make digital marketing like a game for children. Learn everything about Shopify and the right way to do marketing.

What is Shopify and how does it work?

Shopify It is known as a platform that provides all the resources and tools necessary to create, start, develop and manage an online store from anywhere in the world. In Shopify you can create a business from scratch, without needing anything more than the elements that the platform provides you.

Its cloud work and storage function allows you to access your account from any device and not have to worry about updating tools or software in general. This way, you can create your own marketing agency on Shopify.

Its main operation stands out from its different characteristics:

  • To manage your Shopify online store you have an easy-to-use interface, based on “drag and drop” allowing the use of different elements with this function.
  • Thanks to its cloud platform, there is no limit on product storage.
  • From Shopify stores, you can access price settings based on the number of orders, shipments, and the creation of discount codes
  • Depending on the payment plan you have chosen, Shopify grants 100 euros to promote your Shopify store using Google Ads campaigns.
  • Within the option to manage your Shopify online store, you can access tools to manage purchase abandonment and money refunds.
  • You will be able to have reports on the behavior of your customers, based on their purchases and the money invested, helping future campaigns to promote your store with Shopify
  • With the Shopify App, by entering Shopify login, you can access the status of your store, real-time purchases and pending orders.

In addition to this, Shopify features a variety of tools for ecommerce experts to customize, manage, and increase the visibility of their business.

How to do marketing on Shopify?

How to promote my store on Shopify? Perhaps the easiest step to work with the ecommerce platform is the creation of the online store, but you must know the correct way to put the marketing tools to work in Shopify.

Whether creating your own Shopify marketing agency or an online store for any product or service, it is very important to know the tools that the platform presents to have an online store marketing plan.

In the Promote section of Shopify, you can find the following resources:

  1. Tools for Content Marketing, creation of blogs and entries to increase the audience and greater amount of traffic, based on your potential client.
  2. SEO Tools, which will allow your Shopify online business to be found quickly and efficiently, through the use of tags, product description and much more.
  3. Facebook Ads Tools, through Shopify, you will be able to access the ideal audience, guaranteeing increased visibility and sales.
  4. Email Marketing Tools, ideal for maintaining contact with your customers, you can create campaigns with Shopify templates and reach the right audience.
  5. Shopify Inbox Tools, allow your customers to have contact with you and make them feel part of your business through Shopify chat.
  6. Shopify Forms Tools, creates forms to invite visitors to become subscribers and obtain better customer acquisition.
  7. Tools to automate messages, with these tools you can create an active and constant flow of communication between customers and your online store
  8. Shopify Reporting, with the reporting tool, Shopify will analyze, track and provide results on the marketing campaign used.

The best way to have your own Shopify marketing agency is to take advantage of each of the tools that the platform provides, ensuring the success of your store and the possibility of going from freelance to ecommerce with Shopify.

How much does it cost to create a store on Shopify?

We already know how Shopify works, but how much does it cost to create a store on Shopify? Despite being able to access Shopify for free in its different free trials, Shopify presents different payment plans, adapted to the needs of its customers.

Basic plan

One of the most popular plans to have your own marketing agency on Shopify, it is ideal for individuals and small businesses. You will have all the necessary tools to create your online store, shipping products and processing payments.

  • It has a price of 25 dollars per month
  • The plan includes:
    • Creation of basic reports about your process
    • Add 1000+ branches with inventory space
    • Creating two accounts for staff
    • Free Trial

Shopify Plan

Ideal for small businesses, where you can take your online store to the next level, using complete and professional reports, in addition to being able to access a greater number of personal accounts

  • An amount of 65 dollars per month is paid
  • The plan includes:
    • Creating professional reports
    • More than 1000 branches with inventory
    • Creation of 5 personal accounts for the work team.
    • Free Trial

Advanced Plan

This plan is ideal for medium to large businesses, taking advantage of Shopify’s best tools, custom reporting, and lower fees per transaction.

  • Payment is $399 per month
  • The plan includes:
    • Customizable report generator from the database
    • Up to 1000 branches with access to inventory
    • Creation of 15 personal accounts.

Shopify It is the ideal platform to start in the world of electronic commerce and become a professional.

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