The five most common and effective advertising techniques 

The five most common and effective advertising techniques 

This top five article details the best techniques for advertising with effectiveness in terms of conversions in the age of digital marketing.  

When it comes the time to stablish the best practices in terms of successful outcome referring to advertising strategies and tactics there is a list of well-known classics. In this group it is possible to mention quite a few, like appealing to the need for novelty, acceptance, change or security, for example, and, on the other hand, counter the fear of misfortunes like death, accidents, rejection or sickness, among others… 

But there are also a lot of proven techniques related to focus, speech, perception, key messages and even bribing the customer. Some of those advertising practices, even questionable, have been used through time once and again in different fields. Curiously, most of this key advices have not changed with the digital marketing landscape and inifinite availability of multi platform media, social networks and intelligent algorithms. By the way, Australia is not strange to the facts and advices noted in this article. 

An everyday example is the offer of a permanent discount for new members of a buyers club or the offer to carry one extra item with a specific purchase, for instance, buy one bag and take two. Everyone have seen this at a store, but also at the paywall of their favorite online magazine or newspaper.  

There is a special technique designed to advertise a product or service that can not be mentioned, so the advertiser use indirect or almost subliminal messages via digital marketing to impulse its product, like is usually done with alcoholic beverages. There is also a practice among advertisers known as the unfinished ad, in wich its said that the product works better than its competence, but without giving too much details or specifics. And some of those examples are well recognized all over the world, including of course Australia and its neighbouring countries. 

Beside those procedures and examples mentioned above, there are five special secrets that applied to traditional or online advertising in the context of a digital marketing campaign usually have the biggest potential in terms of results and engagement with the audience. Without further ado, this is the

Top five of advertising techniques

No one rejects a freebie

Also known as promotional advertising, this practice consists in distributing samples or free bits of the product to potential customers in order to create a need for it, give a try firsthand to compare its features with the competition and also enjoy the gratification of receiving something without any cost. The gift can be more appreciated if it is offered at a trade fair, special event, concert or focused campaign to reach a specific audience that may be more interested in it. When applied to online marketing efforts, this can be achieved giving free Access to a subscription for a short period of time, for example.   

Always use numbers

Statistics are not free of some dose of cynicism, but there are few arguments more powerful than percentages or figures. When a lab affirms that it product cures 99% germs associated with a certain sickness or that it resolves nine of ten cases of a flu, it rests in the authority of numbers. In marketing and in politics, the use and context of some studies and polls many times speaks louder than other rational arguments.  

Joining the right side

We all have heard phrases like, four of every five dentists recommend this or that toothpaste. Similar and probably complementary to the number’s technique, the winning side is a concept that, under the right circumstances, can help to make a decision. The key of the game is to convince the buyer of the prestige that comes with some product or service because of the kind of customer it tends to attract.  

Relying on a higher authority

Famous actors, singers or artists in general are highly required by the digital marketing industry because of their prestige and authority. If the person chose as spokesman or spokeswoman talks from his or her own experience using the product or service, the success is closer for the advertiser.  

Asking directly to the customer

Question your user is an almost consecrated way to involve and interest it in the offer or pitch. This technique borns out of a real need in the audience and in the answer comes with the solution for that need, at least at a symbolic level. Have you ever found yourself in this or that situation or predicament? Such is a general structure of the typical question formulated in this context, and the following answer is the pitch or central selling line to complete the ad.  

And  here is an extra technique

Never use absoluts

The selling line affirms what is the virtue in the product, but it does not compromise at all with the results. The product is “known for” or “uses to work” on demand. It can also refer to some numbers, statistics or affirmations of choosing the right option, but in the end does not certify or guarantee the effectiveness of the product. If that selling line is read by a celebrity and introduces a question for the customer, there usually are some serious sales on the way.  

As you have seen in this top five, no matter the media platform utilized or the format, there are always a number of classic plays that are more effective as proven by experience. A combination between some of this tecniques can be even more powerful reinforcing their effect in face of the public.  

As in every marketing campaign, there is a thesis or presumption when launching a new set of pieces or ads, but the measurements in terms of conversions, leads and speacilly final sales are goint to show the difference and real effects of the marketing effort.  

The prior techniques are some basic rules used by advertisers year after year but with the new ways of reaching the buyer, there is always space for adaptation, improvisation and combinations of the most efective digital marketing and online advertising techniques known nowadays.  

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