The Best Examples of SEO Advertising

The Best Examples of SEO Advertising

SEO advertising it’s one of the most well-known methods to be featured online, and thanks to this, multiple businesses have developed strategies that are an example of why this is important. Being featured in the first pages of search engines, such as Google, can guarantee a better reputation and a wider reach. This means that you will get more leads that will buy your products or services without having to invest in more expensive, traditional ways of advertising.

SEO advertising is one of the most important digital marketing strategies because of what we already mentioned and how the optimization turns to improve the clients’ experiences. With that being said, there are strategies that are an example of how a well-developed campaign can bring results in almost no time.

How you can get the best SEO content for Advertising?

Content it’s one of the key parts of SEO advertising, and creating good, high-quality content, can get you organic traffic faster. Blog writing or videos need to be focused on your target audience, using the resources, such as keywords, tags, and links. Now, social networks such as TikTok, work like a search engine and by just optimizing your tags, you can feature easily on pages without having to pay.

To create optimized content, you must take into consideration the target keywords, the tags you are going to use, the value behind the text you are creating, and the links that will back up the information. Both Keywords and Tags will help you on your rankings on the search engine, adding useful information in the URL and meta description at the same time.

The value behind the information and the links backing whatever data you provide will turn your clients into leads. Engaging it’s as important as the optimizations themselves, without interesting information, you won’t capture clients, and the links will be useless.

Best SEO Tactics

The best SEO advertising uses some of the best SEO tactics to achieve their goals in the fastest way possible. Here, we will share with you some of the tactics and some examples of where they can be used to make any strategy a success:

Integrate multiple kinds of keywords:

Keywords are the backbone of content creation right now, and integrating first-, second- and third-grade keywords will improve your ranks instantly. Most importantly, we recommend you use long-tail keywords, especially if you are developing a new digital marketing strategy for an unknown brand. These are harder to use, but are more specific and will reach a more curated target. Also, this kind of KW is more competitive online, making them more effective against possible competition.

Don’t be scared of negative space

A friendly, immersive design, can improve a lot the user experience and, in consequence, the rank where your site it’s featuring. Visual design might be perceived as unimportant, but if your clients keep clicking away from your site, your site won’t improve. The color scheme, the structure, how you organize the text, and the mobile adaptability of the site must be considered. Negative space can be a great tool and could improve the user experience, making your site look more pleasing and more modern.

Complete all the descriptions

The tags, title tags, and meta descriptions can improve the reach of every single article, making it easier to find by engines. Writing a proper meta description also improves the visibility of your site, being the first piece of material, all of your clients will read. You want to have a great, clear, and straightforward meta description and a very clear title.

Speed and responsive design

Load time it’s very important, being one of the factors that clients take into account when visiting any web pages. Most users want that, most of the sites, load in three seconds or less, and if you can achieve that, you will gain more visits. Optimizing your pages, the load time, and having an organized link index can get you almost as far as your content. Responsive design, or mobile-friendly design, it’s another important key factor to keep in mind. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites and, without this, you won’t reach anybody.

Best Examples of SEO Advertising

Everything we mentioned before has been used by some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, which helps them increase their traffic. Digital marketing is growing and some of the biggest campaigns are exclusively online, here are some examples:


As a marketplace, Etsy might seem unimportant, however, even in Australia, they have grown and become an equal competitor to retailers like Amazon or eBay. This marketplace focuses on content and most of their online sellers have SEO content related to their products, DYI projects, and more topics that their clients are interested in.


Nike’s SEO advertising strategy online has been always one to look at if you want to innovate and keep your brand trendy. Here, you will be always bombarded with some of the most recent, viral, items you can find. Also, the design it’s an example of how you should layout an online store, focusing on images and content that will capture your leads from the beginning. If this isn’t enough, there is content explaining more about the brand, everything optimized, and with plenty of KW.


Coca-Cola it’s a Brand that has reinvented itself time and again and it never loose momentum. Recently, their site has been friendly, can be seen on mobile gadgets, and all the pages on their site are optimized. The main focus of their campaigns it’s the emotional content behind the brand. On TikTok, and on their main website, you will find motivational, funny, heartwarming images, turning the beverage into an experience.


This company jumped on the AI train and created logos and brands using this tool. Here, you can see excellent examples of what you should keep in mind during the creation and development of a brand and a webpage. Here, you can look at colors, fonts, and basic designs, easy to adapt, to any project you might want to start. They offer something new, and there are tons of backlinks recommending this specific brand-

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