List of Google Ads packages

List of Google Ads packages

Do you want to know a list of Google Ads packages so you know what to avoid when you go out there to hire the service? We have done enough research for you.

Make yourself comfortable, and read not only prices, but also service characteristics, of various packages, staying until the end.

What are Google Ads packages?

When talking about Google Ads packages, we are referring to service plans. An example would be to think about a satellite TV service. There, you have a list of channels segmented by packages that include more, or less, of these.

The general service, which would be offering you what is necessary to achieve your objectives with Google Ads, can be divided into various packages that will serve to help those clients who need fewer features of the service, or more.

The great advantage of working in this way is that it prevents a client who needs a basic service from paying the price of a premium service because it has not been possible to establish a limit between them.

List of Google Ads Package Examples

We open our list of Google Ads package examples by noting that each digital marketing agency can have a unique offering, while maintaining some similarities between them.

However, we have done important research with the intention of bringing you a list of examples that fit what is offered today, out there.

Google Ads Basic Package

Within a basic Google Ads package, you can expect to have services such as the search network, account creation, keyword selection, ad groups, managing your campaign, and also integration with Google Analytics.

Likewise, it is common for ad extensions, geographic locations, daily monitoring, negative words, weekly optimization, and ads adapted for mobile and desktop to be added to a basic package.

You cannot forget that it will not be a good package if it does not have the analysis of monthly visits, or an executive is put in charge of the account.

In case you have doubts about the price of Google Ads packages of this type, they remain around 140, to 150 US dollars per month. Depending on the agency you work with there may be some variation.

Google Ads standard package

Many agencies offer what is a standard Google Ads package, in which search network services, account creation, keyword selection, and campaign management are also offered.

From there, you can consider that a standard package must have everything we have talked about in the basic package. Since, it is assumed that it is an improvement in terms of the service, or an update of it to make it more complete.

And, precisely, in order to make it more complete, it can be expected that other services will also be included, such as the creation of custom audiences with the help of the Google Analytics tool.

Without forgetting the integration of the much coveted remarketing lists, which will help you attract all those people who have interacted with your site, but who have not completed the action of interest to you.

Per month, it is estimated that the cost of these packages is around 300 US dollars. The variation between prices may also depend on what other service feature is added.

Google Ads Premium Package

Now, imagine that what you have read is not enough for you. As many digital marketing agencies know that the demands of each client can be greater than the basic, or standard, they have decided to create a premium Google Ads package.

In them you can get everything that a basic package offers you, such as the search network, account creation, keyword selection, ad groups, campaign management, among other services that you already know

Adding to the above everything that a standard package can offer you, such as ads adapted for mobile and desktop, or integration with Google Analytics, just to mention a few of them.

In addition to all the services that can be provided, the premium package is expected to work with much larger campaigns, and with clients whose demands are outside the basics, or the standard.

You can expect prices for Google Ads packages of this nature to be around $450 per month.

Is it possible to find custom Google Ads packages?

Don’t think we’ll leave you guessing, we are able to understand that, in some cases, certain requirements are so unique that they cannot be put into a package, or, paying for a premium package just for one feature of the service may not be the fairest for you as a customer.

Many digital marketing agencies also understand this, which is why they have gone to great lengths to offer personalized Google Ads packages. These are created based on your needs, and designed to solve each of them, in an effective and unique way.

Giving you an example of some of them would be removing the “personalized” from the service. Typically, it will be your conversation with the professional you are going to hire that will help put together a package with all the service features needed to achieve your goals.

If you are wondering about the prices of custom Google Ads packages, you should know that it is somewhat uncertain. Which will determine how low, or how high, your needs will be, and all the work that must be done to meet them.

So, if you feel that a pre-designed package does not meet what you are looking for for your project, the best thing you can do is ask the service provider about the possibility of putting together a customized one.

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