How to select the correct Google partner agency?

How to select the correct Google partner agency?

Do you know how to select the right Google Partner Agency? Nowadays you can find many SMEs and large companies that can offer you many benefits in your business thanks to their services.

Thanks to its ease of offering you advertising, recommendations, advice or alternatives to attract more clients or other ways to generate business.

However, there are many possibilities, which is why in this article you will find everything you need.

What should we look for to choose the right Google partner agency?

The data to take into account when choosing the correct agency associated with Google is important, especially the first point: Avoid scams!

Google Partner

Do you know what Google Partner is? It is a recognition that Google grants to those people who successfully completed the AdWords fundamentals, benefits of ads, and how to schedule them exam.

To obtain this recognition, at least one of the company’s workers must have successfully completed the test and will receive the badge.

However, you should know that there are two types of Google Partner, Premier and Standard, both allow you to carry out these services under the authorization of Google.

But the Premier version positions you as a leading company in advertising campaigns, with better results and other extra qualifications.

Is the Premier version better? Yes, but it will surely be more expensive to hire and its results will be better in both the short and long term.


In some section we can see how much experience the company or professional we want to hire has, perhaps we will find testimonials from the companies or entrepreneurs they have worked with, screenshots or photos of their completed projects and more information that gives us the confidence to start.

We can also search a little on Google about their history, reviews (good and bad) and more information that will help us know if it is what we are looking for.

Experience in the sector

Let’s keep in mind that having experience in marketing is not the same as having Google Ads, which is why we must identify those jobs that the company has carried out with the services we need.

You can find good testimonials or negative ones, the important thing is to find a company that learns from its mistakes and is continually improving, because in Google Ads there are continually new strategies that work very well or “tricks” for each sector that wants to position itself.

Without a doubt, it will be of great help if you want to know how to select the Google partner agency correctly.


As we have said before, there are several services that can be offered together with Google Ads and there are different services that you may want as a company or entrepreneur, so you should seek help in the specific sector in which you need it.

Let’s remember that marketing is very broad and many ways can be found to obtain benefits or organic traffic.

Without further ado, do a little research before choosing a company for your Google Ads ads or for more organic traffic, it will be a great help to obtain precisely what we want, as well as save us a lot of time and money.

Questions before choosing the agency associated with Google

Hopefully everything is clear, if not, in this section we will explain the most important questions before selecting the right Google partner agency.

Do you have a Google Partner?

It is important that the company we want to hire to improve our organic traffic, plan ads and so on, has a Google Partner, as it will be of great importance to have confidence in that company.

In addition, it will give us the security of the necessary knowledge to help us obtain the expected results,

Do I have the necessary budget for the service?

Although depending on each company we can find different prices or costs for what we need to improve or enhance our organic traffic, it is important to choose the best price and quality that we can afford.

Well, we will not only need this service once, depending on the results, we may need an advertising campaign at times where we want to obtain better results in our advertising or season.

Take a few days to check the prices on these services and stay with the best option in quality, price and quantity of services.

Are the company’s testimonials good?

Before requesting the price, it is important that we look at the testimonials of people and companies that have already worked with them, as these are the opinions we are looking for to know if they are professionals or if they are just playing with the service.

It is also important to capture and report scammers, since currently there are many who seek to benefit from this type of business. If you see good opinions and a lot of experience, it’s the one!

If you want to know how to become a Google Partner, remember that in this link you can have all the information you need.

You already know how to select the Google partner agency correctly, if you have any questions or queries, you can fill out the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible to help you with whatever you need!

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