How much does Google Ads charge per ad?

How much does Google Ads charge per ad?

Most people know about Google, but very few know how much Google Ads charges per ad. Here you can find all the necessary information to know if using Google ads can be a profitable option or definitely not.

Knowing how much Google Ads charges per ad allows you to know the possibility that you have as a merchant, businessman or entrepreneur, to use the different tools that Google provides to advertise and promote your business online. Learn how Google Ads works and if it is worth hiring it.

What is Google Ads and how does it work?

Previously known as Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express, the new and advanced version of Google Ads is a tool for online advertising, where companies can obtain solutions for the promotion of their services and products, through Google search, the YouTube platform and different websites.

Likewise, Google Ads allows each advertiser to configure the objectives of their ads, such as entering the website, interacting with a particular section or generating phone calls or completing an information form.

How does Google Ads work? This platform is one of those with the greatest access to different websites, which can ensure that your product reaches the audience necessary to increase traffic to your online store. 

Basically Google Ads works as follows:

  1. The Google Ads user selects an objective for their ad, where they will indicate that they want to receive calls to the company for more information or to visit the website.
  2. Next, you must indicate a geographic location where you want to advertise, that is, it will be the sector that Google Ads uses to display the information about your product or service.
  3. Finally, you must create the ad and configure the monthly budget, that is, the way you want Google Ads to charge you for advertising.

With this strategy, Google Ads charges per ad and depending on the established monthly budget and objective. It is expected that users, when searching for a product similar to yours, will come across the Google Ads ad about your company. 

And that way you have a Google ad increasing traffic and visits to your website.

How much does it cost to advertise with Google Ads?

How much does Google Ads charge per ad? Before answering this question, it is very important to know how Google Ads charges, in general, to be able to have an idea about the possible prices that can be found when hiring Google Ads services for your company.

Charge per click

Google Ads manages the advertising model of “CPC or PPC” Cost per click or pay per click

How much does Google Ads charge per click? Normally the Google Ads platform presents a payment system for a certain number of clicks, giving the advertiser the opportunity to pay only when the scheduled number of clicks is reached.

Budget settings

Depending on the monthly budget configuration that has been made in the Google Ads account, the platform only charges when an interaction with the ad is made, also depending on the objective configured when creating the ad.

Google Ads charging basically adapts to what the advertiser needs, so knowing how much Google Ads charges per ad or how much Google Ads charges per click varies with respect to the advertisers’ personal configurations.

Based on prices by country, Google Ads may vary as follows:

  1. Google Ads prices Colombia, can vary between 6 thousand and 10 thousand pesos per click or between 250 thousand to 500 thousand pesos per advertising campaign.
  2. How much does Google Ads Mexico cost?In Mexico Google Ads it is recommended to make investments from 14 thousand pesos to 40 thousand pesos for advertising campaigns
  3. Google Ads prices Argentina 2023, present variety with Google Ads charging per click between 3 to 5 dollars per click and between 150 dollars for ad campaigns.

Regardless of the country where the service is contracted, the Google Ads charge is adapted to the advertiser’s budget and payment is made based on this for the objectives achieved.

Is it profitable to advertise on Google Ads?

Although the price of Google Ads can be quite variable when contracting it, it is important to know more about the characteristics of how Google Ads charges and the benefits it presents, to know if it is profitable to advertise with Google Ads.

As said previously, Google Ads manages a budget configuration which will be the basis for knowing how much Google Ads charges per ad, but it also presents the following budget characteristics:

  • You can adjust the monthly budget at any time, so it is not necessary to set a fixed rate. In this case, Google Ads adapts to the changes you make.
  • Set the investment budget limit in digital advertising and monthly the platform will indicate that you are reaching the established limit to make changes or stop the campaign.
  • The price of Google Ads is flexible, since it does not force you to adapt to fixed contracts or deadlines; on the contrary, you can modify the budget, pause or continue your campaign based on your investment.
  • You will be able to pay Google Ads only when your established objectives are achieved, that is, when your ad is clicked a specific number of times or when calls or visits are made to your website.
  • Define a budget and the Google Ads charging platform will tell you how much you could pay for a certain number of clicks or calls.
  • Pay only for results, being one of the most popular ways Google Ads charges.

To understand how much Google Ads charges per ad, you need to understand that it all depends on the investment you are willing to make to increase your visibility and sales. 

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