Email marketing – best digital marketing for dentist

Email marketing – best digital marketing for dentist

If you still don’t know what email marketing is, and how it can help you, you are missing the opportunity to establish a close relationship with your clients, and to open the door for your potential clients to become loyal to you.

Read us to the end not only so you know everything you need to start your strategy today, but we will also tell you if email marketing for dentists is a good option, and why.

What is email marketing?

When we talk about email marketing, which can also be called emailing, we are referring to a useful tool for communicating digitally with leads and clients by sending mass emails to a contact base.

What is the purpose given to these emails? There can be many! For example, in some cases it can be useful to communicate the promotions you are offering, as well as to present a new product, or brand.

In the last couple of years, emailing has been seen as an effective marketing tool. It is no longer just about the accelerated digital transformation in which we live, but also the volume of messages we receive during the day, which has made email a medium with great potential to capture the attention of consumers.

Why? There are several reasons. Starting with the fact that an email can be opened from multiple devices, and ending with the fact that these are messages with a greater number of customizations, and less fleeting than a banner, for example.

When should you choose to build an email marketing strategy?

Before talking in full about why email marketing is the best means of dissemination for dentists, let’s point out those scenarios in which creating your strategy can be the right option:

  • When you want to maintain contact with your clients, or patients.
  • When you want to convert leads.
  • You want to send them news and updates.
  • When you hope to collect opinions and feedback.
  • You want to generate engagement.
  • When you intend to develop content marketing strategies.

And those are just some of the functions of email marketing, within what digital marketing is, that can help you whether you have a dental clinic, or you operate within another type of market.

Why is email marketing important in your marketing strategy?

Let’s start by being honest: email is not a new tool. On the contrary, it is one of the first digital means of communication to which we had access.

But, unlike what many think, the relevance of email marketing remains intact due to its high level of accessibility, allowing a wide variety of people access, every day, to information in a comfortable and free way.

Another truth is that, currently, there are a large number of communication channels that can be well incorporated into a digital marketing strategy, and each of them will give you favorable results for your company, business, or clinic, if you use them. correctly.

But, thanks to the fact that emailing can serve you in different ways (for example, from confirming appointments or orders, to sending a newsletter), it is very easy for it to become an essential point to manage the growth of your business. your business.

Also, the importance of email marketing is highlighted due to the fact that it will serve both your current and potential clients, since it gives added value to your company thanks to the fact that you create closer communication, and at personal levels, with they.

Can email marketing be useful for dentists?

Email marketing works for dentists, just like it does for any other field. It can be used to confirm appointments, to share new promotions, news, and even a lot of information that contributes to the health and oral hygiene of patients.

Remember that mailing is only a means to establish contact, all the information sent through it can be designed and personalized by you. You can give it the meaning you want, for the reasons you want.

If you have a dental clinic, putting together a mailing strategy can help you not only connect with your current patients. If you allow them to subscribe to your newsletter, for example, from social networks, or your website, you will be gaining the possibility of gaining new customers, message after message.

Would you like to start in email marketing? Take care of these aspects

Now that you know why you should involve mailing in your digital marketing strategy, we will share with you some of the best email marketing practices that will help you succeed in the task:

  1. Pay attention to your contact list.You should always ask for consent, and offer the possibility of cancellation, which will allow you to obtain, in the long term, a list of contacts that are interested in your content. It is a daily job to maintain it, between making new contacts, and maintaining old ones.
  2. Showing personality is important.You can’t send the same message to everyone on your list, since not everyone has subscribed to it for the same reasons. Details like calling them by name, or addressing people with the appropriate gender, will help you. But knowing how to segment your list is also important.
  3. Don’t neglect the design.You only have a couple of seconds, after your email is opened, for the user to decide if they are interested. Therefore, thinking about aesthetics becomes essential, as well as the tone of communication, and other variables.
  4. Always offer concise content with a call to action.Remember to write concise and clear content, making it clear what benefit the message offers. Also, be careful not to use spam words, and always make calls to action so that the recipient knows what they can achieve through your message.
  5. Monitor and evaluate your campaigns.Pay attention to the most relevant metrics, such as the opening rate of the emails you send, the click rate on links, the bounce rate, unsubscribed numbers, among others, to know what to improve, and what you like. to your audience.
  6. Are you ready to start?

Now that you know what email marketing is and what it is for, you can begin to put together your strategy and allow your business, company, or clinic to begin to enjoy the benefits of one of the best digital marketing practices.

Remember, your competition has already started. What is holding you back?

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