Benefits of using Google Ads Studio in digital marketing

Benefits of using Google Ads Studio in digital marketing

Do you know the benefits of using Google Ads Studio in digital marketing? Ads Creative Studio, Google Ads Editor, and the simple Google Ads platform are tools that can take you from 0 to 100, with a single ad, as long as you know how to take advantage of their benefits.

Read us until the end so you know the advantages of using Google Ads Studio in digital marketing, and how you can use them to your advantage.

What are the benefits of using Google Ads Studio in Digital Marketing?

In this section you will discover the benefits of using Google Ads Studio in digital marketing?

Gives you the ability to segment your ads

From Google Ads Studio, you can direct your ads to people with specific interests, prioritizing those who are interested in products or services similar to those you offer, to show them ads that are relevant to them.

The tool gives you different targeting modes, and gives you some options, from which you can choose, for the creation of your online ads, thus improving the targeting of your digital marketing campaigns.

Some of these are the following:

  • Keywords.Choose only those that are related to your products or services, so that they are used to show your ads when customers perform their searches.
  • User location.It allows you to show your ads on Google results pages, as well as on sites that are part of the Google Search and Display Network, depending on where the user is located.
  • Age, location, and language.This way, you can define specific characteristics of the users you are interested in reaching.
  • Date, time and frequency.To publish ads at certain times, or days of the week, and decide how often they are shown.
  • Devices.To specify whether and when your ads will appear on all device types, or not, and when.

You will measure the success of your campaigns, whenever you need it

This is another advantage of using Google Ads, since the tool will see when someone clicks on your ad, and ends up taking the action that is relevant to your business (such as buying a product, or downloading an app).

We’re not just talking about knowing which ads are clicked on, and which ones aren’t. It also tries to track the path of action that the user follows, which will allow you to immediately detect where you should invest to have better results.

Among the valuable data that the tool can provide you are the average advertising costs generated by online purchases or telephone calls.

Also, it allows the use of other analysis tools to obtain more information regarding the purchasing habits that your customers demonstrate, such as the amount of time they spend researching a product before purchasing it, for example.

It is designed to facilitate campaign management

The entire objective of Google Ads Studio is to be able to provide you with those tools that will be useful to manage and control your account in a simple way.

If you manage multiple Google Ads accounts, the MCC administrator account can save you a lot of time by giving you the ability to view and manage them all from one place.

In addition, the option also allows you to open your Google Ads account, establishing a connection with Google Ads Editor, which is a free desktop application, designed to generate changes quickly and easily.

Editor will allow you to download your account information, make edits to your campaigns offline, and then import these changes to Google Ads. Also, copy, or move, elements from various ad groups and campaigns.

Join Ads Creative Studio, and do teamwork

One of the tools that adds to the advantages of using Google Ads Studio in digital marketing is Ads Creative Studio, designed specifically for creative management and to be used by creative teams.

With it, you can create ads, manage elements that are related to creativity, and share these elements with media teams to streamline the workflow.

It is a way to integrate each person who is part of the process, and help create a fluid interaction where the work comes naturally, minimizing not only time, but also costs.

Other benefits

To close with the benefits of Google Ads Studio in digital marketing, you should know that it will allow you to manage campaigns, controlling how you spend your money, with no minimum investment, and being able to choose the amount to spend per month, day, and list.

In case you are new, you have the keyword planner available. With it, get relevant information that will help you choose the terms you will use so that your ads are shown to your potential clients.

The level of immediacy of the tool is important, once you finish the creation work and activate the campaign, you will begin to attract traffic. If approved, your ads will be the first to be shown when the search terms match.

And it’s not just about attracting traffic, you will be bringing to your website users who are already interested in buying the products, or services, that you offer. Thus increasing the chances that they end up buying.

Have you already joined the Google Ads world?

Knowing about Google Ads is only seeing the tip of the Iceberg, within the platform there are many tools that have been designed to make the work easier and faster.

We have given you a look at some of them, and pointed out the main advantages of creating digital advertising from the platform, so that you get an idea of ​​why you should use it, but it is just the beginning.

Depending on your objectives and interests, a new number of benefits of using Google Ads Studio can be broken down that will be advantageous in your specific case, and that you can exploit to the fullest to be one step ahead of your competition.

Join Google Ads, and start making the platform work for you, as soon as possible.

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