Advantages of the use of CRM software in digital marketing

Advantages of the use of CRM software in digital marketing

CRM systems are a tool for sales and online digital marketing that allows you to track offers and flag opportunities that may require additional attention. CRM technology allows us to improve customer relationships and facilitates decision making to obtain better results. We must understand CRM software as a B2B digital marketing strategy, a way of being and acting in our small business where, first of all, the origin of the sale is in the relationship with the customer.

When there are many contacts and they come from different media, from social networks to the telephone, there is no other way to manage everything than a CRM software with all these possibilities.

With that in mind, the main advantages of a CRM software for a small business are the following

Advantages of a CRM software for a small business

Automate processes

There are multiple benefits for online digital marketing areas that use a CRM software, since thanks to the automation of processes, small businesses can prioritize their actions in a more efficient way. Some of the digital content strategies that can be automated are segmentation, workflow generation, lead nurturing and campaign management.

This quality of the tool has helped many small businesses improve the experience they offer to their customers. Other areas of benefit include:

  • Target audience segmentation: instead of manually separating your customers into different categories (depending on their needs and interests), with a CRM software you can achieve this automatically. Additionally, you can create segments based on the stage of the sales cycle where customers are. This not only speeds up your segmentation process, but also allows you to provide the right digital content that really responds to what the user wants at the moment.
  • Efficient time management: with a CRM software you can schedule your messages and Google ads marketing campaigns so that none of your publications are forgotten.
  • More effective lead nurturing: It’s virtually impossible to connect with a customer one on one. If you do, you would waste a lot of time. With a CRM software you can connect with your customers in a simple, immediate and personalized way.
  • Action monitoring: with a CRM software you can timely monitor all your online digital marketing actions. You get graphs, statistics and valuable data to optimize your ads campaigns in the future.
  • Optimization of resources: one of the great advantages of automating processes with a CRM software is that you can better manage your budget. In addition, you don’t require more staff to execute your online digital marketing campaigns, since with the CRM software you create and distribute for a large number of clients.
  • Service companies use a CRM system to, for example, develop the commercial activity of this industry with a customer-centered approach based on the automation of various processes, which allow them to centralize contact information and processes of interest, facilitating the tracking and monitoring of critical points of your Google ads campaigns and B2B digital marketing strategies.

Manage data

With a CRM software you achieve comprehensive data management of your small business: sales, CRM digital marketing, customer service and services will be connected on the same platform for greater control. This concentration of data will help you manage your accounts, leads and sales opportunities in one place.

Customize services

As the infographic indicates, a CRM software creates a positive experience for customers. This is achieved thanks to the personalization of services that helps take care of the relationship with users. Some of the advantages of this feature include:

  • The ability to enhance long-term relationships.
  • Being able to know in depth the interests and needs of clients.
  • Be certain of what type of digital content is ideal for each user and thus offer them the products or services that satisfy their needs.
  • And what’s the reward for great customization? Customer satisfaction increases, sales improve by up to 87% and the efficiency of business processes also improves.

Increase productivity

It’s estimated that a company’s productivity increases by 15% when using a mobile CRM. This is achieved thanks to different functionalities such as:

  • Complete documentation of the sales process: a CRM software concentrates all the information you need by stages and activities to know when they need to be carried out. This allows for a standardized system that both your current and future teams can follow to have the same approach to operations.
  • Automation and reduction of manual data entry: Using a CRM software within your company means that your data is finally not archived in an unreliable spreadsheet. Many teams know how frustrating it is to copy and paste a large amount of data. The CRM system helps streamline and reduce the amount of information each person must enter daily with auto-fill options. Repetitive tasks are eliminated and your team can focus on other, more urgent tasks.

Provide a positive customer experience

Big brands use CRM softwares to provide a personalized customer experience and increase engagement with existing customers. Having immediate responses from representatives of the company, being able to make more accurate predictions about what users might need, and personalization throughout the buyer’s life cycle undoubtedly make the relationship with customers more satisfying.

Reduce costs

The advantages of using a CRM software not only include customer satisfaction, but also the opportunity to reduce many costs in a small business. Especially the online digital marketing ones by reducing the amount invested in new clients.

Optimize customer retention rate

The use of CRM software helps in customer retention, since 65% of income comes from loyal consumers. Additionally, when a small business captures a customer’s attention using a CRM software , they are likely to spend 20% to 40% more the next time they make a purchase.

The use of CRM software has led to a 27% increase in customer retention rate.

Scale flexibly and safely

CRM systems adapt to the speed of growth of your company. Its scalability occurs according to your increasing needs and ensures the support required to provide you with the most optimal solutions and tools.

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